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Black Friday
360° dystopisches jetztzeit-LARP mit eigenem Dorf

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Gi, 17. Novembre to Do, 20. Novembre 16

Lusernetta, Italia  Karte

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Something disrupts the regular life of a backwater mining community.
What secrets lie behind the cabins of Liberty Town?
Brace yourselves, the "Black Friday" is coming

Black Friday is set in present-day USA. If not in time, we will take you far away in space, to a remote American town, in a modern-day realistic, complex and technologically advanced setting. A setting we want to live and depict with all its contrasts and contradictions.

Science and technology are going to be the same we have today. You'll get the chance to interact and play with computers, drivable cars and vans, transmitters, video calls, phones, (blank) firing guns, interactive scientific equipment, video surveillance gear and more. High-profile scientific research, a constant focus on industrial development and economic growth are all cornerstones of the Black Friday setting.

What happens when the events set in motion by one or more of these cornerstones force us into difficult choices? In this modern world people must come to terms with their inner struggles, sometimes losing control over them. The characters in Black Friday will face conflicts between peace and violence, ethics and progress, individualism and collectivism, security and freedom.

“Something went wrong”. But what? Suspects grow into tension, fear, panic and the frantic search for answers is not rewarded with sure results. Who knows the truth? Who knows the whole truth? A thriller-themed modern setting which promotes character immersion and a complete participation of every player. Suspense and tension, which are typical feature of this genre, together with detailed scenic design and a unique setting, will provide you with a fully immersive experience. You will be the main character in a captivating, emotionally intense story.

Many aspects of Black Friday closely remind some American tv-shows. The dangerous secrets and conspiracies seen in “Utopia” and “Homeland”, the whirling uncertainty of “Lost”, and some flashes of “X-Files” and “Visitors” too. Add a pinch from “The Twilight Zone” and movies like “Village of The Damned” and “Blindness”.


Heute startet die Anmeldung.

07:05 Uhr · 22. Marzo 16

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