Knudepunkt 2019
Internationale Larp Konferenz

Datum: Fr, 08. Februar bis Mo, 11. Februar 19
Ort: Vejen, Denmark, Sonstwo  Karte
UnbekanntTreffen (Unbekannt)
Sprache: Englisch
Status: Unbekannt (Letzte Änderung: 01.10.2018)
Beschreibung: Knudepunkt is more than an academic conference on larping. It is a shared, playful and learning experience for larpers. No matter why you are here, we want you to feel welcome and included, engaged and entertained at all times. And we want to make contributing to the content accessible to everyone.

Our community is social, brilliantly talented and playful. We want KP19 to reflect this. We want it to be a playful storm of inspiring and amazing contributions, from early in the morning and well into the night.

We invite you to trace your own path, and explore your personal interests. We promise to help guide you through the storm and support you in acknowledging energy levels and the fear of missing out.

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