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1942 (deutsch)
A larp about World War II

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Tue, 07. November to Sun, 12. November 17

Flørli, Norwegen, Other  Karte

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We travel back in time
«1942» is a live roleplaying game - a larp - about the second world war, as one might have experienced it in a small village on the west coast of Norway. We wish to recreate the mood and ambience from thence, and we hope that the participants may have some of the same thoughts that people actually may have had.

Join us and be part of a different time and age for a few days. Establish a character as another person and have a taste of what life might have been like 75 years ago.

Where and when?
«1942» will run twice in the fall of 2017 in the small village Flørli in Lysefjorden, near Stavanger.
Run 1: November 3rd to november 7th (Norwegian + German)
Run 2: November 8th to november 12th (English)

The first run is most suited for Norwegian- or German-speaking participants. The last run is most suited for non-Norwegians in general, but in this run the German characters will speak Norwegian or Scandinavian.

Wer sich mir will anschliessen, kann mir bescheid geben. Bin derzeit im Kontakt mit deutschen Spielern um ein Shuttle von Köln zu organisieren. Es werden noch 5 "deutsche" gebraucht.

17:06 Uhr · 03. August 17

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