Event Details
Bunker 101

Direktinfo: http://bunker101.com/en/
Datum: Fri, 23. August to Sun, 25. August 19
Ort: near Rome (Italy)
UnknownLARP (Unknown - No Points)
Partly provisionedPartly provisioned
Status: Unknown (Stand: 29.11.2018)
Beschreibung: Bunker 101 The Fallout is a high-budget live-action roleplaying game for 100 players in the Southern Way/New Italian Larp style, set inside a real fallout shelter.

During the three-day event, players will wear the shoes of the workers, technicians, administrators, politicians, explorers, scientists (and many more) living inside Bunker 101.

A fully immersive game where every character can make a difference.